Introducing the 8-Bit Instructor!

EP040 Summer PL The 8-Bit Instructor

This week, I talk about tips for summer PL and some different ideas for what you could do. Plus, news and updates as well as a great Google Classroom tip.Full show notes and links available at
  1. EP040 Summer PL
  2. EP039 What Marvel Strike Force Taught Me About Collaboration
  3. EP038 Digital Escape Rooms with Karly Moura
  4. EP037 Things You May Not Know About Google Drive
  5. EP036 Utilizing Google Docs

I am incredibly excited to announce the debut of my podcast, The 8-bit Instructor! On the show, I’ll share my stories and experiences, throw out some tips and tricks for listeners, and interview educators who are trying new things in the classroom. I’m excited about this new adventure and hope you’ll join me. Listen to the trailer above to get an idea of the show, and go ahead and hit subscribe on your podcast app. Debut episode drops on Thursday, July 30!

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