The 8-Bit Instructor: Reflections from GaETC (EP017)

EP029 Learning with Google (Updates on Google for Education) The 8-Bit Instructor

In this week's episode, I go through all of the updates coming to Google Workspace for Education. Plus, news and updates from Microsoft, IXL, and Screencastify; and, of course, your question of the week.
  1. EP029 Learning with Google (Updates on Google for Education)
  2. EP028 Making the Most of Google Chrome
  3. EP027 Creativity (Fact or Fiction?)
  4. EP026 Visual Communication with Tony Vincent
  5. EP025 Classroom Lesson from Super Mario Maker

Episode 17

In this week’s episode, I reflect on my time at the Georgia Ed Tech Convention. I have some news from Flipgrid and Google. A time-saving tip for Google apps in the treasure chest. And, of course, your question of the week.

News & Updates

Treasure Chest: Resizing Shapes in Google

  • Drawing in Google
    • Use Shift when drawing circles or squares to create proper proportions
    • Use Shift to maintain proportions when resizing objects
    • Ctrl + Shift to maintain proportions and resize from the center

Boss Battle: Reflections from GaETC

Teachers & student are incredibly flexible and resilient

The future is in good hands
The student showcases showed some great talent

Improving is often only a matter of small tweaks

It’s important to stop and reflect

It’s important to get “out of your room” and connect

Crew Members’ Board (#8BitCrew)

QOTW: If you were at GaETC, what was your favorite part this year? If not, what has been something significant you’ve learned this school year so far?

Use the #8BitCrew on Twitter or post longer stories in the comments section here.

Get connected

Check out my Google Classroom Udemy course.


Music by David Fesliyan (

  • Intro/Outro: “Retro Platforming”
  • Boss Battle: “Boss Battle Rock”
  • Crew Member’s Board: “Pirate Dance”
  • Wrap up: “Game Over” by Patrick de Arteaga

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